Our Products

Made from a recipe over 200 years old. Authentic taste of the way it used to be. Nothing else is like it on the market.
Our Sassy Mermaid Rum snagged herself a new shiny gold medal this year in Denver.
A special rum named for Brandan’s Dad and Grandpa. Brandan is a true Son of a Sailor.
Sundance Wild River Rye
Wild River Rye only available here at our tasting room in Grants Pass.
Sundance Single Barrel Whiskey only available in our tasting room. Only 300 bottles were made of this whiskey. This whiskey brought home a silver medal this year.

We have gotten a Gold medal in Denver and a Gold medal in Las vegas with our Sundance Whiskey.

bigfoot moonshine
We have 9 flavors of moonshine from 103 proof down to 40 proof something for every ones tastes.
Peach Bigfootine Moonsh
Peach Bigfoot Moonshine
Watermelon Bigfoot Moonshine
Bigfoot Cinnamon Moonshine
Bigfoot Cinnamon Moonshine
Bigfoot Moonshine
Bigfoot Moonshine
Bigfoot Moonshine Peppermint
Bigfoot Peppermint Moonshine
Sundance Whiskey
Sundance Whiskey
Bigfoot Apple Pie Moonshine
Bigfoot Apple Pie Moonshine

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