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bigfoot moonshine
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What is Moonshine

The Scotch and Irish people that migrated here in the 16 and 1700’s brought with them their stills and their… read more What is Moonshine

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What does Proof and percent alcohol mean?

When you are wanting to know what the percent alcohol is, in your liquor, it is a pretty simple thing… read more What does Proof and percent alcohol mean?

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Whiskey or Bourbon?

Did you know all bourbon can be whiskey, but not all whiskey can be bourbon. To be a bourbon it… read more Whiskey or Bourbon?

Viking Spirit Malt Whiskey
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Some whiskey lingo

Single Barrel Whiskey, This is basically a whiskey that for what ever reason the distiller believes is above and beyond… read more Some whiskey lingo

tasting room booze
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We Got New bling

We just got some more bling for our spirits. We entered a few things in the Denver International Spirit Competition… read more We Got New bling

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What makes our moonshine special?

We have a long family tradition of making moonshine, we try to use all local ingredients wherever and when ever… read more What makes our moonshine special?

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Sassy Mermaid Spiced Rum

We have the most delicious spiced rum. It tastes like no other on the market. It is actually a 250… read more Sassy Mermaid Spiced Rum

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Sundance Whiskey

Our Sundance Whiskey is pretty special, this is our first whiskey. The flavor is unbelievable, we have won 2 gold… read more Sundance Whiskey

Viking Spirit Malt Whiskey
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Viking Spirit Malt Whiskey

Brand new hot out of the barrel our newest Malt Whiskey. Viking Spirit. We have been waiting for a long… read more Viking Spirit Malt Whiskey

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Watermelon Margarita

You will need for this recipe 3oz Bigfoot watermelon Moonshine 2oz lime juice 1oz simple syrup 1/2 tsp. orange liqueur… read more Watermelon Margarita

Bigfoot Cinnamon Moonshine
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Cinnamon Chocolate Delight

Get some Bigfoot Cinnamon Moonshine Get some Cream mate creamer snickers flavor Get a tall glass Add creamer to the… read more Cinnamon Chocolate Delight