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Getting Product into The Liquor Store

HaveĀ  you ever wondered about how the liquor system in Oregon works, here is a quick run down.

  1. First we mash in and distill our liquor, in our case it is rum, whiskey or moonshine.
  2. When it is ready we bottle it up, put a label on it and drive it to the warehouse in Milwaukie.
  3. So how do liquor stores get it in their stores?
  4. We have to get people to order some into their local liquor store, or convince the store they need it
  5. So if a liquor store wants some in our home town here of Grants Pass, they have to order it from the state and get it trucked back down here from Milwaukie.
  6. Shelf space in liquor stores is very important, they want to stock what they make the most on.
  7. If our customers would go into their local store and request our products that is one way to get in
  8. Bars and Restaurants are only allowed to buy from the liquor stores.
  9. It is kind of an outdated system
  10. As soon as a bottle leaves our distillery we have to pay the tax on it.
  11. The state gets close to half of what the bottle sells for in tax.
  12. If everyone supported Oregon businesses we would all do great.
  13. If we have any products that you like please ask your local store to get it in for you.

There is more to it but you get the general idea.