tasting room

Welcome To Sundance Distilling

  We are located in Grants Pass, Oregon.  We have 9 flavors of moonshine, 4 flavors of rum,  5 whiskies and 3 unaged whiskies so you can really taste the different grains each one is made with.

We make all of our own products, from mashing in, fermenting, distilling, flavoring, bottling and hauling   to the olcc up by portland.  A lot of places will order in a great big batch from some one, slap their name on it and say they made it. We feel like that that is cheating. It would be a lot easier to do that, but then you are not getting our heart and soul in every bottle.  One way you can tell where a bottle is made is, look closeley at the bottle.  If they didn’t make it, it will say produced or bottled by. They won’t mention the mashing in or distilling.  When you buy products that are made and sourced in Oregon we all win.

 Our tasting room is located at 980 SW 6th Street next to Hellgate Excursion ticket office. We are open Monday thru Saturday from 12 to 5 and by appointment after hours. If you would like to come but at a different time give us a call we will try to make that happen if we possibly can.

If you got friends or family visiting bring them by and have a flight. Choose from a Rum, Whiskey or Moonshine Flight.  It is always a great time.