Taste The Grain in Your Whiskey

Brandan likes to be thorough, he has made 3 whiskies that you can only get here in our tasting room.
They have never been aged in a barrel. To be whiskey it just has to touch oak for a minute or a hundred years. What he made was so you could taste the grain. One of them is 100%corn, one is 100%malt, and one is !00%rye. All of them are `100 proof. They are the same in every way except for the grain that was used to make them. If you are just learning about whiskey or would like to learn more this is a great way to do it. While you are drinking you can taste the different grain each one was made with. Later on when you are trying different whiskey you will be able to pick out exactly what the grain is that you are tasting. These are only available here in our tasting room. 980 SW 6th St in Grants Pass Oregon.